Falkland Islands Association Seeks New Members

The FIA has a solidmembership in the UK and overseas, particularly from those who recall the fightto restore the Falkland Islands to the Islanders following the Argentineinvasion in 1982.  However, we are keen to encourage more people to joinus, especially those who have served or lived in the Falklands since then, aswell as those who are just interested in the Islands.

In 1982, the UK had tofight to protect the Falkland Islands from illegal occupation by Argentineforces and to restore the Islanders’ way of life. Although circumstances havechanged markedly since then, the Argentine Government still maintains itssovereignty claim to the Islands. There continues to be a need, therefore, fororganisations like the Falkland Islands Association to help to defend the FalklandIslanders’ right to determine their own political, social and economicfuture. 

The accompanying videooffers a brief insight into what the Falkland Islands Association does. 

The Falkland IslandsAssociation seeks to: 

* raise awareness aboutmodern-day life in the Falkland Islands which have developed significantlysince 1982; 

* counter Argentinepropaganda and correct their historical inaccuracies; and to 

* facilitate links betweenFalkland Islanders living overseas and others who maintain an interest in theIslands. 

Above all, the Associationneeds members who are prepared to raise their voices publicly and to lobbyParliament if there are renewed threats to the Islanders’ rights toself-determination, as enshrined in the UN Charter. The Falkland IslandsCommittee, the Association’s precursor, did so effectively in the 1960s and1970s when the UK Government toyed with ideas of constitutional change whichwould have ceded sovereignty to Argentina. The Falkland Islands Associationmust be equally prepared to raise its voice if there was ever a risk that thewishes of the Falkland Islanders might be overlooked or overruled. TheIslanders, after all, asserted their wish by an overwhelming majority in the2013 referendum to remain as a British Overseas Territory. 

The Falkland Islands Association is run bylike-minded volunteers. We need the support of all who are interested in theFalkland Islands and who want to support the right of the Islanders todetermine their own future. So join us now by clicking on the ‘Join Us’ icon onthis Home page or the ‘Join Us’ tab. In case of difficulty or further inquiries aboutmembership, please contact our Membership Secretary on fiamembershipsec@gmail.com .