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Argentine ‘Peace’ Delegation Condemned by Argentine Veterans

The Argentine ‘Peace’ delegation got a dose of their own medicine on their return to Argentina when they were met by a mass protest from Argentine 1982 war veterans, condemning them for equating Argentine war dead with the victims of the Junta’s murder campaign.  Members of the so-called ‘Pe...

Updated : 22nd March 2017

Sir Cosmo Haskard: Son's Eulogy

SIR COSMO HASKARD KCMG, MBE  We believe that members of the Association will be interested to read this eulogy of Sir Cosmo Haskard, a notable Governor of the Falkland Islands and one of our Vice-Presidents. It was delivered at Sir Cosmo’s funeral at the...

Updated : 21st March 2017

Argentine Takeover Threat against FIH Group plc

Summary  One of Argentina’s wealthiest businessmen, Eduardo Elsztain, has indicated an interest in making a takeover bid for FIH Group plc, which retains significant interests in the Falkland Islands through the Falkland Islands Company (FIC). So far, FIH Group shareholders are reported to h...

Updated : 21st March 2017

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